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On Earning: "Never depend on single income, make investments to create a second source"
On Saving: "Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving"
On Investment: "Do not put all eggs in the same basket"
Warren Buffet
  sanbux     Okikplus is a good Ptc the work is similar like Clixten and Neobux more points higher
   ads to view. Other ways are rented and direct referrals, make small investment to
   raise up points, for all beginners and professionals.
  clixsense     Clixsense is also online since a long time to make a difference, here are no referrals
   to rent only direct referrals otherwise completing the surveys, offers or tasks works
   quite good and is recommend for beginners.
  neobux     Neobux is nearly the oldest Ptc so it runs stable since a long while, good and trusted
   with referral programs and tasks, to activate full stay 15 days in a row watching
   the ads an then it starts, for all beginners and professionals.
  clixten     Clixten is a Ptc which have enough ads to view the most are very short to view, it also
   have a good rented referrals program the other ways are not the best, for all
   beginners and professionals.
  easyhits4u     EasyHits4U promotes ads to their members and so they have high traffic to users, which
   means a lot of people view new ads daily and the result is an enormous traffic.
   Free to use for everyone, no risk just sign the register.
  Fine claim     FineClaim is a collection of faucet links, on this faucets you can claim for Satoshi´s
   a form of cent from a Bitcoin ( 1 ฿ = 100.000.000 Satoshis ). With a Bitcoin wallet
   and their Bitcoin address you can claim amounts of Satoshi´s.
  Lite claim     LiteClaim is also a collection of faucet links not for Bitcoins but for Litecoins, these
   Litecoins can be mined like Bitcoins they are cryptocurrency and on exchanges
   you can change them to any currency you want.
  Coin claim     CoinClaim is the collection of faucet´s for more Altcoins then Bitcoins or Litecoins,
   here you can claim for coins like Dogecoin and Dashcoin which also can be
   changed in the wanted currency.
  Markt agent     Opinions are the safest way to make money over the WorldWideWeb, for the most
   it´s enough when you have a PayPal account, only answer the questions you get
   from them and pay out to your PayPal account or billing address.


::: Better then playing Candy Cru... or hunt for some jewels :::
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